This is only a brief overview of the history of Czech cinema. I have chosen the most important Czech actors and most interesting movies.


Remember that I am no film specialist and the choice is influenced by my own taste and also by the limited space on this page.  Therefore, don't expect any sophisticated analyses. I mostly concentrate on popular movies for wide audience, not on little known movies made for few film critics. If you are interested in this topic, I can recommed a specialized page CZECH CINEMA. However, I do hope that no important movie or actor is missing. 


In the end, I apologize for possible errors in my English and inaccurate English translations of some movies. Often it is not easy to find adequate words for their metaphoric names.


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Some interesting links:
In Czech: In English or German:

Česká a slovenská filmová databáze

(Czech and Slovak movie database)

The biggest Czech and Slovak movie database.  Contains thousands of Czech, Slovak and foreign movies, serials and programmes with fans' ratings and reviews (IN CZECH)


České filmové nebe

(Czech film heaven)

A more documentary version of Contains

- a public rating of the best Czech movies (hardly representative so far)

- the annual results of Český lev (The Czech Lion), the Czech film award

- an overview of Czech actors and filmworkers



(Quotations from czech comedies)

Contains mp3 files + pictures


Filmové zvuky

(Film sounds)

Something similar like the link above, but contains even melodies from foreign movies.



Tschechisch-Slowakischer FernsehSerien-Index

(The Index of Czech and Slovak Serials)


History of Czech cinematography

Czech Film Industry - History

Czech film





KEY WORDS: Czech cinema Czech movies Czech actors Czech cinema Czech movies Czech actors Czech cinema Czech movies Czech actors DVD videos trailers DVD videos trailers DVD videos trailers

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